ATJ Group’s mission is to bring our clients efficient and professional assistance in the realization of even the boldest of architectural visions. A large technical base and years of experience, make it possible for the rm to deliver products and services at the highest world standards in the shortest available time.

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General construction services

Materials of the highest quality o ered by ATJ Group are one of the pillars of contemporary construction. For complete success in realizing an investment, equally important is the masterful completion of the building work, which should make full use of the potential of the purchased products. In answer to the needs of the market and concern for the satisfaction of our clients, we o er you professional construction services. In our accomplishments we have always stressed solid workmanship, conscientiousness and contract dead-lines. A guarantee of our reliability and high level of services o ered by ATJ Group are the highly quali ed and much experienced workers.

We also propose our clients comprehensive construction services.

– Masonry work
– Installing walls and ceilings of GK board
– Installing co er ceilings
– Puttying and painting
– Laying wall faces with stoneware tiles,
HPL and stainless steel
– Laying floor surfaces with: stoneware tiles, terrazzo tiles, PCV panels, general floor covering
– Cutting concrete flooring
– Renovation of concrete pavement tiles
– Renovation of composite plate elevations, as well, complete flashing work
– Renovation of roofs
– Production and installation of aluminum constructions • Production and installation of stainless steel elements
– Production and installation of composite plates
– Modernization of interior installations